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Deloitte USI Interview Experience for Analyst | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021
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Hi Geeks, I am sharing my complete interview experience for Deloitte USI (Deloitte India – Offices of the  US). The company visited our campus in August 2021. Hiring was for roles of Analyst – Deloitte USI Consulting and Technology Analyst- Deloitte USI Risk & Financial Advisory.

Complete Process consists of 2 rounds for Analyst Deloitte USI Consulting role. 

Round 1(Aptitude Test): This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform and was a completely aptitude-based round consisting of questions from Logical reasoning, Quantitative/Qualitative reasoning, and Verbal ability.   

  • Test duration was 75 mins.
  • Logical Reasoning (25 questions) – 25 mins.
  • Quantitative reasoning (25 questions) – 35 mins.
  • Verbal Reasoning (25 questions) – 25 mins

It was easy round. After this round selected student got a link for the Pre-Placement talk. In Pre Placement talk organizers informed us about upcoming rounds and company and answered questions. 

Round 2(Technical + HR round): We got a link for this round after about a week from the aptitude round. It was easy as compared to other technical rounds. 

  • The interviewer introduced himself and then asked about me, my academic journey.
  • Then he asked about my interesting subjects in engineering apart from those mentioned in my CV.
  • Some questions about my hobbies and interests.
  • After that, we discussed 10 to 15 mins on the projects mentioned in the resume.
  • After the discussion, he asked me to code some of questions and share the screen.
  • Questions were pretty easy.
  • printing slice of list as per given size.

After interview, we got list of selected students and a link to zoom call where all selected students are asked to join immediately where host informed us all candidates who joined this call are selected. 

Verdict – Selected

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