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Deloitte On Campus Recruitment For Associate Analyst

  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019

Round 1: The first round was an online aptitude test which was specifically divided into 3 sections. The first section was logical reasoning with an automatic timer. The logical reasoning included simple questions related to directions etc. The second section was a mathematics section which included questions ranging from profit and loss, probability etc. The last section was the English section which included comprehension type questions.

TIP: I’d recommend you’ll to look up the internet and solve some questions which would come in handy and help with time management.

Round 2: Out of the approximately 120 students that appeared a mere 23 people where shortlisted. So we had only one more round after this where the HR and Technical interviews where combined together.

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A panel of 3 people had flown down to conduct the interview. First we were each assigned to one of the interviewers. Just before out turn we were handed a case study with a problem given. We were asked to read it carefully and understand the scenario. Once it was my turn I went in and was greeted by the interviewer. The interview proceeded as follows:

1. I was asked to introduce myself in short. (I’d recommend answering about yourself, your education and a little about your family background).

2. Next he asked, what was the turning point in my life? On answering that he gave me a coding question and asked me solve it in front of him. Even though I couldn’t get the code right, he was convinced when I told him my logic and the thought process. It was a question on prime numbers.

3.My interview majorly revolved around the case study that was handed out to us. The case study described a problem faced by a certain telecommunication company and I was asked how I would go about solving this issue. He grilled me quite thoroughly on the case study . This is one the main aspects that determines whether a candidate qualifies or not.

4. Next he asked me about my semester project on HR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. He asked me to explain the entire working and even cross-questioned me .

5. Lastly, he asked me how I had performed and if I had any questions for him. The interview concluded and late that the results were announced and 15 of us made it.

TIP: Confidence is definitely a game changer and knowing your basic stuff works well. Also it would make a good impression if we ask the interviewer some relevant questions.



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