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Deloitte Interview Experience for Business Technology Analyst | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2021
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Hi everyone! This article is related to my interview experience with Deloitte USI. I am doing my B.Tech in CSE branch from ITER, Bhubaneswar. Deloitte USI conducted a placement drive for batch 2022 for the role- Business Technology Analyst and Risk and Financial Advisory. I went for a Business Technology Analyst role. This year in total there were 2 rounds as the JAM round is cut this year.

Shortlisting Criteria:

  • No active backlogs.
  • Aggregate 60% or CGPA of 6.5 and above. (All branches allowed)

Round 1:

This round was conducted on the AMCAT Platform.

General Instruction of this Platform:

  • There is no negative marking.
  • You have to answer all the questions mandatorily i.e. you cannot skip any question.
  • You cannot change your answer to any previous question.


This test is divided into three parts

  1. Quantitative Aptitude: 25 questions, 35 min
  2. Verbal: 25 Questions:25 min
  3. Logical Reasoning: 24 questions, 35 min

Note: After round 1, a total of 222 students were selected out of 829 who appeared for the exam. The Pre Placement Talk will be conducted on the same day as Round 2. It’s a one-day process.

Round 2: Technical + HR round


  • Tell me about yourself
  • Can you mention what are the projects that you have done?
  • He mainly concentrated on the projects that I had done and asked me deeply about the projects (Basically he was checking if I know the project well or not, even though I was not able to answer properly some questions that were related to TCP or CN, I told him the approach in simple language).
  • He asked me to draw a flowchart of summation of two numbers
  • Lastly, he asked a question to check my reasoning – If I am eating pizza for three days consecutively and on the fourth day I have the option to eat home-cooked food which is not of my liking or pizza (I have both options), which will I choose and why? (This question have no right or wrong answer but only the way you reason out your answer)
  • Do you have any questions for me?

After round 2, a total of 72 students were selected. (The result was announced on the same day, in the evening)

Verdict: Selected 


  • For Aptitude and Logical Reasoning you can prepare from Prepinsta, Indiabix, and other sites. I mainly prepared from Prepinsta.
  • Watch Youtube videos of other students who had given interviews and sharing their experiences. (Trust me you will get a good insight into the process)
  • Keep on giving interviews no matter what, it helps in easing your nervousness in future interviews.
  • For Deloitte specifically, communication skill matters a lot
  • Be calm minded before your interview.

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