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Deloitte Interview Experience for Business Technology Analyst | On-Campus 2020(Virtual)

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This is a summary of my experience in the selection process of Deloite was carried out in NIT Calicut.

The criteria for the role above were: No active backlogs

Open to all branches of the BTech program. 

Round 1 (Online Test): The first test was carried out on the AMCAT platform. It consisted of the Quantitative, Verbal, and Logical Reasoning sections. Once you answered a question, you could not go back. So don’t take too much time on one particular question. You get more than one minute to answer a question. Many questions were from logarithms.

Approximately 300 people had attempted it and 86 got shortlisted. 

Round 2 (JAM round): The JAM (Just A minute) round was basically testing our communication skills and the way we present our ideas and thought processes. Students were distributed across the panels. Each candidate had to pick a number from 1-40 and the Panelist would assign a topic. You could change to another topic if required only once and once the topic is changed, you could not go back to the previous topic you had got at first. Each student was given 2 minutes. They had to manage their own time and speak for at least a minute. Once your time has run out, the panelist will immediately cut you off and go to the next person.  Try to include possibilities, challenges, and a good conclusion, and make it short and precise. 

I got the topic “Pattern Detection in healthcare” at first and I asked if I could pick another number and then I got the topic “Why are video calls better than voice calls?”. 

43 people were shortlisted.  

Round 3(One to one Interview): It was for about 20-25mins. Make sure you are thorough with everything on your resume. I was asked, 

  1. Which phase in SDLC does coding come in?
  2. Introduce yourself, hobbies, what do you want to do 5 years from now that is unique?

Know your projects/internships well and the theory of the technologies used in them and the practical application in the real world.

Tips: Just be confident. Speak well, be yourself, be honest. Don’t write anything on your resume that you are not sure of. My friend had mentioned he attended a workshop that taught how to build a Bluetooth driven car and was asked questions from that. 

18 students got selected from our campus for this role.

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Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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