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Delhivery Interview Experience | Set 3

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Since I am getting a lot of help from geeksforgeeks, I think that it’s my duty to write about my own interview experiences.

Recently, I appeared to face to face interview for Delhivery.

There were 4 rounds:

1. Online round, which I qualified and got a mail about the same.

2. F2F : I went to Gurgaon, their office. First of all the interviewer discussed about my CV. All my major products, minor products and other things which I mentioned on my CV.
Then he asked about OOPs related question, such as polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction and encapsulation. He asked to design a database and write join queries to fetch data. He asked about the keys, Normal Forms etc.

In the end he asked a programming question. I was given a matrix like this:

a a a
a b c
d e e

By moving left, right, top & down, I need to count the number of ways a string occurs in the matrix.

3. In this round, the interviewer discussed about React.js, since I had mentioned it on my CV. Then after, he asked me common ancestor question.

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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2017
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