Delhivery Interview Experience – 1 year of experience

Telephonic Interview due to COVID-19 

Round 1 : 

  1. Merge Sort, internal functioning, its complexity. 
  2. A SQL query was given, I need to find its result. 
  3. Discussion about locks, synchronized blocks, deadlocks with different situations.
  4. Asked about mutual exclusion, progress & bounded waiting
  5. Discussion on 0-1 knapsack problem
  6. A code snippet was given related to trees, need to tell what that code is doing.
  7. Oops concepts: Abstract classes, Interfaces & the difference between them.
  8. Asked for my Work Experience in the previous company & the project’s discussion.

Round 2: 

  1. Started with a brief introduction & projects from resume
  2. Difference between list and set.
  3. Design LRU cache
  4. Difference between Hashtable and HashMap
  5. Discussed multi-threading concept(Asynchronous calls, Future, Concurrent Collections, Threads) – CountDownLatch
  6. A programming question:

Round 3 
Discussion on my past projects and work experience in the previous company. 

Round 4 

  1. Discussion on databases: 
    • Difference between ElasticSearch & other NoSql Databases. Why I have used ES in my project.
    • Can Redis be used as Database?
  2. Java Concepts: Pass by reference.
  3. Design a system, where you need to show each user a list of advertisements in a random fashion till the list is complete and then again show them in a different order than the earlier one shown.
  4. Open-ended question: You are going to be stranded on an island and you are allowed to take just 1 bag, what all things will you take with yourself.

Verdict: Selected 


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