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Danske IT Interview Experience | On-Campus (IT+FTE)

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  • Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2020
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Date: 22/8/2020

1st Round Details : The online test was conducted on hirepro platform. The test had 3 sections, MCQ’s and coding. The first MCQ section had questions related to data structures, DBMS, OS . The second section was coding which had 2 questions.  

Q1(Easy) : Given n and a number, find the sum of all n digit numbers that are divisible by a given number in the reverse order.

Input format : First line contains the value n indicating the number of digits. Second line contains the number num which is the number to be considered for dividing the n digit number.  

Output format : The sum of the all n digit numbers divisible by num in the reverse order.

Sample Input :  



Sample Output:


Explanation: There are ‘9’ 2 digit numbers that are divisible by 7.

21,28,35,42….97. The sum of these numbers is 728.When printed in the reverse order would be 827.

Q2(Moderate) : All though I do not remember this question, it was related to strings and DP.

The third section was again MCQ. There was a choice to be made between c# and Java. There were 8 questions in each and you had to answer either java or c# questions. I chose java and the questions were mainly on OOPS concepts, exception handling, threads and predicting output types.

2nd Round Details :  

7 of us were shortlisted to the second round. This round was conducted in a platform called cubiks and it had 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. This round had basic mathematics and verbal questions. This was mainly to check the speed of the candidates.

Difficulty: Very Easy

3rd Round Details :

All 7 of us were shortlisted to this round. This was a technical interview. The interviewers were very friendly and supportive. The questions started with my resume. I had done a couple of internships before this interview, so all the initial questions were related to my experiences in those companies and my knowledge of the technologies that I used in those internships.

The questions later were mainly on data structures and OOPS. Time complexity based questions in data structures, searching techniques, sorting techniques and their optimisations.

I was also asked to code on spot on hirepro’s coding window. It was a live coding session where the interviewers could what I was coding. I was asked to code any in-place sorting algorithm.

There were questions about OOPS concepts, Mongo DB(Because it was mentioned on my resume) and basic Computer Architecture questions about what segment  gets stored where in the memory. I was asked questions about where I see myself in 5 years in the industry from a technical point of view and about my pros and cons.  

The interview went pretty smooth.

4th Round Details :

I was the only one shortlisted to this round. This was a pyschometric test on cubiks platform. This was a non-eliminating round . It was just to analyse about my thought process and personality.

This section had 56 statements for which I had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 as to where my personality fits.

5th Round Details :

HR Round : This was the last round. The questions were typical HR round questions about myself and family background, resume based. One interesting question here was, I was asked about my opinion of the education system in India and how there’s a gap between universities ndustry-related industry related technologies.

Results were announced soon and I was selected.

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