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Danske IT Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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About the Company: Danske IT is the Information Technology department of Danske Bank, which is the biggest bank in Denmark. Its only Indian office is located in Bangalore.

Round 1: 10 MCQ: Based on Data Structures (sorting techniques), SQL, and OOPs.

  • 2 Coding Questions: Two questions of varying difficulty were asked on Hire pro platform.
  • Those questions were of easy to medium level difficulty (basic programming logic, basic data structure).

Round 2(12 Minutes: 50 Questions): The second was based on Aptitude and English. The questions were small and very easy, the only trick is to manage time since you only get 12 minutes. A lot of people were eliminated in this seemingly cake-walk round; so be careful.

Round 3(Technical Interview 30 to 40 mins): The interviewer asked for my introduction. He later inquired about my preferred language and asked the reasons for it.

Then I was asked to code three questions.

  1. Calculate slope when two points on a 2D plane are given
  2. Selection Sort
  3. Simple recursion based program

Round 4(Technical Interview 2): 20-30 min

  • This is the most important round where most of the heard thinning is done.
  • Expect detailed questions based on your Projects/Internships.
  • The interviewer also asked me about my thoughts on technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.
  • He also asked my opinion about the advancement of technology and how through my project/learning I can contribute to it.

He also asked two puzzles:

  2. The other puzzle was a variation of above one

Round 5(Psychometric Test ~15 min): This is a not an elimination round. They just want to know if you are fit to work in an office work environment.

Round 6(HR Round – 25 mins): Typical HR questions were asked. Do keep in mind some past experiences related to teamwork and project planning.

  • Reaching the HR round does not guarantee selection (around 30% students were eliminated), so do not take it lightly.
  • Speak with conviction but also don’t try to sound too overconfident.

Verdict: Out of about 850 students who attempted the first round, 36 were finally selected and I was one of them!!

Preparation Resources:

  • Practiced all medium and easy questions on Leetcode.
  • Practices several codes and puzzles on GeeksforGeeks.
  • Read Tech related articles and magazines.


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