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D E Shaw Interview | Set 8 (Telephonic Round Questions)
  • Last Updated : 01 May, 2017

Recently I got interviewed on phone for De Shaw Hyderabad (1 hr)

1. Tell me about yourself and your current work.

2. Why you like to change?

3. What is a thread? How multithreading is implemented? Its advantages

4. How multithreading improves performance?

5. Difference between process and threads.

6. Can we create multithread in C ? If yes how ?

7. What is mem copy ? Implement memcpy in c/c++

8. What are virtual functions in C++ ? How it is implemented.

9. A problem : There are two stations S (source) and D (destination). In between there are many other intermediate stations whose costs are given in the form of matrix like cost[i][j] from station i to j. Find the minimum cost from source to destination.

10. There are 4 containers each of 10,10, 5 and 4 litres respectively. Both 10 l are full and each 4 and l are empty. How will you measure 2 litres each in both 4 and 5 litre container. There is only 20 litres of water available.

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