Cyber System Security

Cyber System Security as the name suggest to protect our system from cyber attacks, malicious attacks. It is basically to advance our security of the system so that we can prevent unauthorized access of our system from attacker.

In today’s world the attacker become more advanced to crack the security of any system so it is our responsibility to make our security advance because attacker can misuse the data against us which will create a problem for us.

For example we can take example of cyber attack in India when our more than 200 websites were hacked by a group of Bangladesh including Border Security Force website (BSF).

Another example is attack on hydro power plant in New York, attack on power grid in Iran. These attacks were very big which threatened the whole world and also these attacks were big threatened to country security.

The security of computer security depends on three goals that are Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity. These Goals are basically threatened by attacker. There are various software to protect our information that are anti-spyware, antivirus, Firewall which helps in authorized access of information. There are other security system such as Intrusion Detection System, Cryptography, Digital Signature which will help us in protecting our system from attack.

So, in advance various threat models should be design with their solution to protect our confidentiality of information from an unauthorized access and also accessing the vulnerability will also help in protection because it is the weakness of computer itself which can be easily targeted by the attacker.

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