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CTS Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2019
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On-CampusĀ  – Aitam tekkali

Round 1:

Will be written..It is totally based on amcat…Trust me Practicing previous year amcat papers are enough to crack CTS written..In coding section there will be 7 already written codes, what we have to do is identifying errors and debug and run the code…Out of 7 if u completed all the test cases for 3 questions it’s more than enough..Time limit:20 mins…Be patient and time management is the key to crack this section

Round 2:

Technical round..All resume based questions and be expressive and be confident, key to crack tr is confidence and depth knowledge on basics..For me questions were

1.about yourself

2.i am hacking your college website and as an IT student what will you suggest to prevent hacking

3.http, https difference

4.oops concepts, java package 4th year project theme

6.write program of my own in java

Round 3:

HR round.I am mentioning questions askedĀ  me in HR.

1.Tell me about yourself

2.If I ask your friends about you, what will they say? you have pan card/passport?

After answering all these she asked me to sign I did..That’s all

Note:be honest and don’t try to show them what you are not..BE YOURSELF

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