CSV Full Form

Comma Separated Value (CSV) is a text file containing data contents. It facilitates the storage of data in a table like structure. CSV files are stored with a CSV extension.
The data fields in a ksd)(*&^%$#@nslnl like in databases or spreadsheets CSV are usually separated by delimiters, a space or a comma

1. alex, 528, IT
2. mallika, 650, Commerce
3. joy, 670, Humanities
4. yash, 679, IT 

The CSV files are used for transferring large databases between multiple programs maintaining a strict format. The CSV files can be opened with any text editor, Notepad, Excel etc

Characteristics :

  1. The data fields are separated by commas
  2. Each data record is entered in a new line. In case the record is too large, it can cover multiple lines.
  3. The fields containing commas are separated by double-quotes are contained in a set of double quotes.
  4. The fields containing double quotes are contained in a set of double quotes.
  5. The space characters that are next to built-in commas are not taken into account.

Advantages :

  • Faster in handling
  • Easy to generate
  • User friendly : processed by almost all apps and easy to read and understand.
  • Easy implementation : easy to store and edit data and simple to parse the file.
  • It is a standard format for a text file providing and easy to look straight forward data schema.
  • Smaller in size : overcomes the redundancy of storage of header and footer tags.

Disadvantages :

  • No distinction between textual and numerical data.
  • It facilitates the storage of simple data only. Complex fields are difficult to handle.
  • Special characters and control characters are not represented correctly
  • Lack of standard way of denoting binary data.

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