Cognizant Interview Experience for PAT Role

Round 1:Aptitude Test (Take From Home )

For Round 1-Basic Questions from all chapters of Aptitude will do.(Preferred Book-R.S Agarwal) .For Logical Reasoning and English AMCAT Practice Papers are enough .Questions are repeated mostly from the model papers of AMCAT.

Round 2:Technical Interview

For Round 2-One needs to have a good grasp on whatever he/she is writing on resume .If you have written about Java as Technical Skill then Core Java should be very clear . I have been given two programming questions to write

1.Count the numbers of vowels in a string.

2.Palindromic Numbers and Stuff like that .

OOPs Concept should be very clear. Features of OOPs with Examples.

For Java -You can refer to Geeks for Geeks & JavaTpoint .Very Good Explanations are given.Go through some Java Interview Questions on Google and YouTube .You will get a good bunch of questions and that is enough.

I have written SQL.So one query was asked related to LIKE Query.

Be clear about the detail explanation of your Final Year Project of College.

Round 3:HR

  • Why should I hire you?
  • Why Cognizant?
  • Who motivates you the most?
  • What was the last book you have read and what have read about that?If you written in resume.
  • Do you know about all the policies of Cognizant & Signature in one Document?
  • Are you willing to relocate?


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