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Cognizant Gen C Next Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021

Hi Everyone, I had written CTS exam as on campus drive. The test was conducted in METTLE browser. This year the exam is divided into 4types genc next, genc pro, genc elevate, genc. I appeared for genc next the exam is totally online-based. The exam has 3 rounds

Round 1(MCQs): HTML, DS, CSS, Java etc

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  • 2nd-4 programming questions(2-easy,2hard)
  • 3rd-SQL queries.
  • I had selected for GENC NEXT interview.
  • my interview was at @2pm but my interview started at @1:10 on the superset platform.

Technical Interview:

  • Tell me about yourself and explain about your project?
  • What is pointer
  • Write a prime number PGM in c?
  • Write a string reverse PGM?
  • What is linked list?
  • Call by reference and call by value?
  • Exception handling and keywords?
  • OOPs concepts?
  • What is abstraction?
  • Types of inheritance?
  • Multilevel inheritance?
  • What is malloc?
  • Garbage collections?
  • He given one situation to write program using class and inheritance ?and he asked which inheritance u used?(multilevel)
  • What is numpy?
  • What is arrange in numpy?
  • What is matpoltlib?
  • How do u read csv files?
  • 2d’s arrays?
  • Some SQl questions & quaries?

I said all questions perfectly due to a weak internet connection, I was able to rejoin for 4 times, this situation makes me down, and that Tr felt uneasy about that. (KEEP STRONG INTERNET CONNECTION).

After 2 days I got HR Round mail.

HR Interview:

  • Good afternoon
  • Show me u r adhar card she taken the screenshot.
  • Show me u r PAN card she taken the screenshot.
  • Do u know any foreign langugage.
  • Show me u r 10th marklist.
  • Are u willing to relocate?
  • Are u willing to do internship in u r 8th sem?

Thank you

FINALLY, I GOT GENC ELEVATE(due to my Tr feels discomfort on my network)

Thank you, i hope this is useful to you

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