Citi Bank Interview Experience for Analyst (On-Campus Placement)

I got the opportunity to apply for CITI Bank in August 2020.

First Round: It was online proctored exam. In which we were given MCQs (aptitude, reasoning, English, c++, java), mostly MCQs are easy but time is short (time management is the key) and 2 coding questions( implementation of strings and loops(easy), implementation of trees(hard))

I was able to solve 1 code completely and other ques a few test cases. I feel if you are good at MCQs and solve one ques completely, you will be able to crack the first process.

Out of 800, 80 were selected for the second round.

Second Round: It was a technical interview. I was asked to share my resume. The interviewers were interested in what I was saying. First, the obvious question was – tell me about yourself. Next was the best project so far. The most difficult project so far. Then they came to java asked basic questions on oops, os, DBMS concepts(pillars of oops, types of polymorphism, inheritance, overloading, overriding, process, deadlock, program, procedure, etc.). Each and every technical thing in my resume was asked and discussed.

  • I was asked more about Hadoop as my project was totally based on it.

Then they asked me if I had any questions. And then after 35 mins, the interview was complete. They were interested more in what I have learned and how much I have learned about a specific topic. Out of 80 students, we were 22 students selected for the next round.

HR Round: In this round, basic hr questions was asked. It started with telling me about yourself, what is the thing in technology that I admire the most, as an electronics engineer, why am I interested in Investment banking jobs. Then, due to some work, the interviewer held the interview for sometime, I felt I should keep a smile throughout and do not get irritated by this fact. Then he came back and asked another question- what is the one thing that has changed in your life. Then the interview was over. It was a 10 -15 min interaction.

Finally, the results were announced and I was one among the 16 selected.

Tips: Read the job profile and prepare accordingly. Coding is quite important, so please solve as many questions as you can. Build a strong resume with projects and papers.

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