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Cisco Interview | Set 6

Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2014
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Report has a major role coming out to placement preparation if you want yourself to be placed in the reputed companies one thing that i will suggest is Be well versed in core cs concepts.Try to get profound knowledge in subjects like.
.operating systems
.computer networks
.discrete mathematics
programming languages like c,c++,
.lastly Algorithms(especially graph algos)

Coming out to my interview experience with Cisco systems,my first round was mostly on computer networks fundamentals such as sub netting,super netting and on some network protocols like   Go-back-N etc.,

Second round was also in networking but this time there was some in depth questions mostly pertaining to why layers and what are their advantages, explain dhcp in detail etc.,
and my last round was some coding questions which were mostly from GeeksforGeeks – A computer science portal for geeks

Many Many congratulations to the Author.

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