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Cisco Interview Experience 2021

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Round 1(Written Test): Time – 60 min

  • Total – 17 Question first 15 was multiple-choice questions and the last two were coding questions.
  • The main focus of MCQ was on networks around 8 questions out of 15 were on networks they are mainly like HTTP errors, authenticating an API, and 5-6 questions were from aptitude like pipes and cisterns, compound interest.

Coding Questions:

  1. Expressive words:
  2. A string of numbers in random order is given and you have to print them in decimal format in strictly decreasing order.
    Example: nieignhtesevfouenr
    ans: 9874

Round 2(Technical Interview – 1): The round started with subjects and ended with 2 DSA easy questions one on the linked list and the second was based on two-pointers. The subjects asked in the interview where operating systems and networks were.

  1. Explain Dining Philosopher problem and how should you prevent deadlock?
  2. Deadlock prevention
  3. Priority Inversion
  4. OSI Layers
  5. Working of Data link layer.
  6. Some questions on my projects.
  7. DSA questions
  8. Middle of the linked list
  9. Given a sorted array that consists of positive and negative values. find a number of pairs having a sum equal to k.
  10. Why Cisco?

Technical Interview 2(Technical + Managerial): The interviewer has 15 years of experience in cisco and is asking questions mainly from resume. So the main focus of the interviewer is to see that you have a deep understanding of things that you have written in your resume or not.

  1. You have created a server and you have to check if 3 million phones use that server so is it able to handle that load or not? Ans: I have used docker in my projects the solution to this problem is by creating containers using docker.
  2. For Ex: We have 10 websites for buying groceries like amazon fresh, grofers, big basket, etc and in the morning when I wake up I want to buy potatoes so I need some solution so that I need not check prices on each and every website and get the link for the website which has the minimum price for that particular grocery? solution: Basically he is asking for a flowchart or approach for the solution so I try to give the answer using socket which I have used in one of my projects.
  3. Implement binary search in three lines.
  4. Where you will see yourself after 3 years?
  5. How do you influence people?
  6. Failures? Learning from failure.

HR Round:

  1. Are you ok with relocation?
  2. If we offer only internships to you is it ok with you?
  3. Questions on the role?
  4. Questions on products of Cisco?
  5. Salary compensation.

Final Verdict: selected

So according to me the main thing in the interview was subjects and your resume you should know each and everything in your resume like the back of your hand.

All the best guys 


Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021
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