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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 15 (On Campus – Software Engineer)

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(Role: Software Engineer)
Round 1:
1. Tell me about yourself.(Spoke until the interviewer browsed through the resume).
2. Reversing a singly linked list.
3. Check whether the given array of elements is a heap or not.
4. Write test cases for both questions and explain how you go about to generate test cases.

Round 2:
1. Storage classes in C. Where do you use them?
2. volatile keyword and its usage in C and Java.
3. What does static do in case of static variable and static function.
4. Write a recursive function to print the numbers from 1 to 100 with the parameter passed being 100 using recursion. Explain the recursive stack.
5. Explain what happens when an interrupt occurs. Also explain the various layers and events involved when a process context switch occurs.
Note: All the above questions were not directly asked. They were asked based on different scenarios.(Except in case of the recursion stack question).

Round 3:
1. What is the best example that one can use to explain the concept of networking to a layman?
2. Why Cisco?
3. What is your field of interest?
4. What designation do you prefer?
5. Questions about things in my resume(Asked me to speak in German, why not go for higher studies as I had written that I was a member of Higher Education Forum).
6. Questions about project.
7. What other company interviews did you attend? Why did you fail to be selected?

Round 4:
1. Tell me what was your most difficult obstacle in life and how did you overcome it? What were the preparations that you made?
2. Areas of interest.
3. Where do you prefer to be placed? (Had option to be placed in Bangalore/Pune).

Result: Placed as Software Engineer in Cisco.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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