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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 13 ( On Campus – for Advanced Services)

Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2016
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1) What do you think the role of AS in CISCO
2) Tell me you favourite protocol [I said TCP]
3) What are the features of TCP?
4) What is meant by a connection oriented protocol?
5) How is connection established?
6) Draw the states [three way handshake] of connection establishment.
7) What is routing?
8) TCP works on which layer?
9) What are the functions of TCP on Data Link Layer?
10) Tell me a routing algorithm you know. Explain the algorithm.
11) Why should routing be done separately from connection establishment?
12) Give some practical applications where TCP and UDP are used.
13) Why do we use UDP?
14) What is IP and its significance?
15) Given a subnet address, find the last host address and subnet mask.

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