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Cisco Interview Experience for Software Engineer 6-Months Internship

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020

Coding and aptitude Round: There were 17 questions which included 15 MCQ’s and 2 coding questions.

MCQ’s were based on the topics like Database Management, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, and few others were on Programming Languages and Aptitude questions.

Out of the 2 coding questions one was to find the minimum steps to reach the given target in a snake and ladder game. The 2 question was some Common Implementation question.

The Language available were Java, Python, and C

Round 1(Technical Interview Round): In this, there was a panel of two interviewers. They started Off by asking me to introduce myself and then asked me what is your strong area(Like Development, Networking Problem solving, etc.). I told you about Problem Solving.

So they gave me a question of the array, in which I was given an array and I had to find out the first maximum and 2-second maximum number. They told me to write the Full code for it. 

The second question they asked me was on Infix evaluation. They only asked me about the Complete approach.

After that they asked me about the TCP/IP and OSI layers, Why do we need the different Layers in Networking, what all content is in the Message of TCP.

The complete round was of about 45 minutes and results were declared after 3 4 hours.

Round 2(Managerial Round): This round was taken by a senior software Engineer at CISCO, so he initially tried to make me comfortable by asking general questions. Then he asked me what area do I like most. I again said to him about problem-solving, so he started off with a Puzzle.

The puzzle was, I was given an 8*8 chessboard and the top rightmost box and bottom leftmost boxes were removed, and I was given a rectangle of 2*1 dimension. So I was asked that whether I could fill the above chessboard with the given rectangle completely or not.   

The second puzzle he asked me was what is the probability of getting all correct answers in an MCQ quiz in which each question has 4 choices and there are 50 questions in total.

After this, he asked me about what happens when I type WWW.GOOGLE.COM in my web-browser. He wanted the complete Process.

Then he asked me about ARP and lastly asked me if I have any questions to ask.

Round 3(HR Round): In this round, they asked me questions about CISCO, why CISCO, and some general HR questions. After that, they told me about the Stipend and Benefits of working at CISCO.

That was all about my interview Experience with CISCO.

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