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Probotiq Solution Interview (On Campus) – Internship
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2018

Company – Probotiq Solution
Location – Chennai
Stipend – 10k
Process Contains

1) Written Test (30 MCQ based on Technical like c, c++, java, aptitude)
and one coding Question of Series.
15 students were shortlisted including me.
after that
3 rounds 2-Technical, 1- HR
1) T-1 –
Tell me Something about yourself
Some questions of Java
One code to debug in c++.
Swapping in OS
Memory Management in OS
Area of Interest .
after first Technical 7 Students shortlisted for T2 including me

2) T-2
Question of DBMS (LOD – 2)
Question on DATA Structure (LOD-2)

HR ask me
Tell me How can i secure My company ?
And some question on linux ?
i said i don’t know linux after that HR Forced me to elaborate same thing again and again
after that one simple puzzle like 5+1=6
after T-2 6 students shortlisted excluding me

3) HR- Normal talk to each candidate

finally 4 Students Selected by Probotiq Solution
It was an average Interview Experience @(Dhinchak_Neku)

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