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Circle of Squares using Python

  • Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2020
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Turtle library enables users to draw pictures or shapes using commands, providing them with a virtual canvas. turtle comes with Python’s Standard Library. It needs a version of Python with Tk support, as it uses tkinter for the graphics. In this article, we will generate a circular pattern out of squares using Python’s turtle module.


Pattern for different number of squares


For drawing the circle, we need to draw n number of square, each time rotating the turtle cursor by d degrees. n and d are chosen such that n*d=360, so as to complete a full circle. In the implementation below we will draw a circle of 60 squares, rotating the cursor each time by 6 degrees.

Functions used:

  • fd(x) : draw the cursor forward by x pixels.
  • rt(x) : rotates the facing direction of the cursor by x degrees to the right.

Below is the implementation.

from turtle import *
# loop for number of squares
for i in range(60):
    # loop for drawing each square
    for j in range(4):
        # drawing each side of
        # square of length 100 
        # turning 90 degrees
        # to the right
    # turning 6 degrees for
    # the next square


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