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Pre-requisite: BERT-GFG BERT stands for Bidirectional Representation for Transformers. It was proposed by researchers at Google Research in 2018. Although, the main aim of that… Read More
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Segmentation By clustering It is a method to perform Image Segmentation of pixel-wise segmentation. In this type of segmentation, we try to cluster the pixels… Read More
Graph Data Structure: In the real world, Networks are just the collection of interconnected nodes. To represent this type of network we need a data… Read More
Segmentation Segmentation is the separation of one or more regions or objects in an image based on a discontinuity or a similarity criterion. A region… Read More
Prerequisites: Matrix Diagonalization, Eigenvector Computation and Low-Rank Approximations Before getting in depth into the SVD, let us first briefly understand what Matrix Diagonalization technique is… Read More
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Boolean Model It is a simple retrieval model based on set theory and boolean algebra. Queries are designed as boolean expressions which have precise semantics.… Read More
Linear Discriminant Analysis Now, Let’s consider a classification problem represented by a Bayes Probability distribution P(Y=k | X=x), LDA does it differently by trying to… Read More
Locally weighted linear regression is the nonparametric regression methods that combine k-nearest neighbor based machine learning. It is referred to as locally weighted because for… Read More