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Inheritance is an important pillar of OOP(Object-Oriented Programming). It is the mechanism in java by which one class is allowed to inherit the features(fields and… Read More
Java provides a wrapper class Boolean in java.lang package. The Boolean class wraps a value of the primitive type boolean in an object. An object… Read More
DatagramSockets are Java’s mechanism for network communication via UDP instead of TCP. Java provides DatagramSocket to communicate over UDP instead of TCP. It is also… Read More
Although Java is strictly passed by value, the precise effect differs between whether a primitive type or a reference type is passed. When we pass… Read More
Prerequisite – Constructor, Overloading in java In addition to overloading methods, we can also overload constructors in java. Overloaded constructor is called based upon the… Read More
Networking is two-way communication between a host and a server, rather than an exchange of information. Any server is set up to respond to specific… Read More
In Java, primitive data types are treated differently so do there comes the introduction of wrapper classes where two components play a role namely Autoboxing… Read More
Looping in programming languages is a feature which facilitates the execution of a set of instructions/functions repeatedly while some condition evaluates to true. Java provides… Read More
Prerequisite: Socket Programming in Java Networking just doesn’t conclude with a one-way communication between the client and server. For example consider a time telling server… Read More
Prerequisite – Varargs , Method Overloading Method Overloading in Varargs Overloading allows different methods to have same name, but different signatures where signature can differ… Read More
Decision Making in programming is similar to decision making in real life. In programming also we face some situations where we want a certain block… Read More
Most of the time, while working with numbers in java, we use primitive data types. But, Java also provides various numeric wrapper sub classes under… Read More
Prerequisite – Garbage Collection in Java Difficulty level : Intermediate In Java, object destruction is taken care by the Garbage Collector module and the objects… Read More
In programming languages, identifiers are used for identification purposes. In Java, an identifier can be a class name, method name, variable name, or label. For example :… Read More
Strings are a very important aspect from a programming perspective as many questions can be framed out among strings. There arise wide varied sets of… Read More

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