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The <hgroup> tag in HTML stands for heading group and is used to group the heading elements. The <hgroup> tag in HTML is used to… Read More
The <dfn> tag in HTML represents definition element and is used to representing a defining instance in HTML. Generally, the defining instance is the first… Read More
This word-break property is used to specify how to break the word when the word reached at end of the line. The line breaks in… Read More
CSS has several different units for expressing the length and measurement. CSS units are needed to specify the measurement in stylesheet like padding:”5px”. Mainly there… Read More
The <hr> tag in HTML stands for horizontal rule and is used to insert a horizontal rule or a thematic break in an HTML page… Read More
The <footer> tag in HTML is used to define a footer of HTML document. This section contains the footer information (author information, copyright information, carriers,… Read More
The <article> tag is one of the new sectioning element in HTML5. The HTML <article> tag is used to represent an article. More specifically, the… Read More
The shadow effect property in CSS is used to add text and images shadow in HTML document. Text Shadow: The CSS text-shadow property is used… Read More
HTML Frames are used to divide the web browser window into multiple sections where each section can be loaded separately. A frameset tag is the… Read More
The box-decoration-break property is used to control the box decoration after fragmentation of paragraph. It defines the background, padding, border, margin, and clip-path of an… Read More
jQuery load() method is simple but very powerful AJAX method. The Load() method in jQuery helps to load data from server and returned into selected… Read More
The legend tag is used to define the title for the child contents. The legend elements are the parent element. This tag is used to… Read More
This tag is used to create a group of the same category options in a drop-down list. The <optgroup> tag is required when there is… Read More
This property is used to specify whether to display the borders or not in the empty cells in a table. Syntax:Attention reader! Don’t stop learning… Read More
The CSS Attribute Selector is used to select an element with some specific attribute or attribute value. It is an excellent way to style the… Read More

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