casefold() string in Python

The casefold() string method is used to implement caseless string matching. It is similar to lower() string method but case removes all the case distinctions present in a string. i.e ignore cases when comparing.

Parameters :
the casefold doesn't take any parameters.
return value:
it return the casefolded string the string converted to lower case.


  1. Convert string in lower case
    # Python program to convert string in lower case
    string =" GEEKSFORGEEKS"
    # print lowercase string
    print(" lowercase string: ",string.casefold())


    lowercase string:   geeksforgeeks
  2. Check if a string is palindrome
    # Program to check if a string
    #  is palindrome or not
    # change this value for a different output
    str = 'geeksforgeeks'
    # make it suitable for caseless comparison
    str = str.casefold()
    # reverse the string
    rev_str = reversed(str)
    # check if the string is equal to its reverse
    if list(str) == list(rev_str):
          print(" not palindrome")


    not palindrome
  3. Count vowels in a string
    # Program to count the number of each 
    # vowel in a string
    # string of vowels
    v = 'aeiou'
    # change this value for a different result
    str = 'Hello, have you try geeksforgeeks?'
    # input from the user
    # str = input("Enter a string: ")
    # caseless comparisions
    str = str.casefold()
    # make a dictionary with each vowel a key and value 0
    c = {}.fromkeys(v,0)
    # count the vowels
    for char in str:
              if char in c:
                      c[char] += 1


    {'o': 3, 'e': 6, 'a': 1, 'i': 0, 'u': 1}

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