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CargoFlash InfoTech Interview Experience for Junior Developer

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  • Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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Background: 2021 Passout, applied over LinkedIn.

First Round

  1. Resume Selection and Phone Screening by HR.
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Are you ready to work on dotNet technology?

Second Round: Virtual Interview held over MS teams.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Do you know OOPS concepts?
  3. Tell formal definition of Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism.
  4. Define Properties in OOPS. Why we need Properties.
  5. Difference between Abstract Class and Interface? Why we need Interface and Why we need Abstract Classes?
  6. Difference between read-only and constant.
  7. Difference between operator overloading and method overloading? How method overloading helps a user?
  8. What is data Hiding?
  9. Which Database you had used? I said SQL.
  10. Define stored procedures.
  11. Define View.
  12. Define Indices. 
  13. Difference between Truncate and Delete. Difference between Unique Key and Primary Key.
  14. Explain your previous experience with dotNet.
  15. What is dotNet? Difference (Since I made a project using dotNet I explained it well.)
  16. Cross Questions on the project. (Where is the data stored is it on a server, or on the local machine; We already have such an application why this feature). 
  17. Difference between JavaScript and JQuery.
  18. Write a function to sum input of two forms and display the result in a new form.

    Verdict: Rejected
    Feedback: Not strong with OOPS fundamentals. 

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