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Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus (Virtual) 2021

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The new virtual process consists of three rounds

Round 1 (Written Test}: The written test was conducted in some kind of assessment tool provided by the superset platform. This round consists of 4 sections and the first three sections in this round are elimination rounds.

  1. Pseudo Code Section: This section comprises 25 MCQ’s which include the basic pseudocode questions and data structures related questions. The duration of this section is 25 min. And if you have cleared the cutoff required by them, then only you can attempt the verbal section in the written test.

  2. Verbal Ability section: This section comprises 30 MCQ’s which include comprehensions, closets, and related to speech mostly. The duration of this section is 30 min. And if you have cleared the cutoff required by them, then only you can attempt the gaming section in the written test.

  3. Gaming section: This section comprises four games randomly out of 24 games. I was given the below games to solve:

    • Switch challenge
    • Digit challenge
    • Motion challenge
    • Grid challenge

    The maximum duration for this section is 22-24 minutes. We have to clear the minimum levels of each game to attempt the final section of the written test.

  4. Behavioral section: This section comprises 100 MCQ’s approximately purely to assess your way of thinking and behavior. There is no limited time to complete this section and it is not an elimination round.

After attempting the written test, they shortlisted 107 students out of 500 students approximately for the next round i.e TR(Technical interview round).

Note: There are chances of elimination even after attempting all sections of the written test, based on the performance in the gaming round.

After 45 days approximately, we are scheduled for interviews on a superset platform.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): I joined the call according to the assigned time slot, as there is only one interviewer.

  1. He asked me to explain my project in detail.
  2. What are my three favorite core subjects?
  3. Differentiate the classic waterfall model and iterative model.
  4. What are the types of integrity constants in DBMS and explain them?
  5. What are the different data abstraction levels in DBMS and explain them?

And then he asked to share my screen and open notepad and write the code for the following programs:

  1. Function to convert the single linked list to a circular linked list in C.
  2. Stack push and pop functions using  C.

After completion of TR, who received the mail for HR calls are the selected students in TR, as every round in this process is an elimination round.

I got the HR call after 4 hours from the completion of TR.

Round 3 (HR interview): He introduced himself and asked me to introduce myself, and then he asked me to explain my project in detail. And, then he asked to explain the difficulties that I faced during my project and how I managed to overcome those problems? Finally, he asked me if I have a question for him and I asked one question him, and he answered my question.

After 4 days from the completion of our interviews, they sent the final list of selected students for the analyst role.

I am so happy that I was selected!!!

Thank you GeeksforGeeks for your amazing content which helped me a lot during my interview preparation.

Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2020
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