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Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Round 1 (Online Assessment Test):

Pseudo Code: This section comprises 25 MCQ’s which include the basic pseudocode questions and data structures related questions. The duration of this section is 25 min. And if you have cleared the cutoff required by them, then only you can attempt the verbal section in the written test.

Verbal Ability: This section comprises 30 MCQ’s which include comprehensions, closets, and related to speech mostly. The duration of this section is 30 min. And if you have cleared the cutoff required by them, then only you can attempt the gaming section in the written test.

Gaming: This section comprises six games randomly.

  • Switch challenge
  • Digit challenge
  • Motion challenge
  • Grid challenge

The maximum duration for this section is 22-24 minutes. We have to clear the minimum levels of each game to attempt the final section of the written test.

Behavioral: In this, we have around 100 questions that tell you to select agree/disagree/neutral and a few more options. There is no limited time to complete this section, and it is not an elimination round.

After this based on your marks in different aspects, you would be mapped to Capgemini lowest to the highest package.

If you are selected for the highest package, you would have an additional Coding round for which I was not eligible, so I directly had Technical Round

Round 2 (Technical Round):

The Interviewer asked me:

  1. Self-Introduction

He told me that “You look Very Confident and a great Self-Intro”

Tip: It is very important to capture the first impression of the Interviewer, to be confident without any fear on your face

Later he went on asking a few basic questions on JAVA and SQL like 

      2. Different Types of Joins in SQL

      3. Which Language has the best Security Provider

      4. Which is best for implementing OS

      5. OOPs Concepts

and finally discussion of one of the projects in my resume.

Round 3 (HR Round):

HR asked me,

  1. Introduce your self which is not in your resume
  2. Why Capgemini
  3. Are You willing to relocate and Sign 2 years bond with us?

And asked me to Show my Certificated up till the current Semester.

And Finally, I got Selected!!!☺

Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2021
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