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Bootstrap 5 Helpers Reference

Last Updated : 08 Oct, 2023
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Bootstrap 5 Helpers are the classes that facilitate different options that can be utilized to customize the design layout, along with reducing the use of various repeated CSS properties. 

The complete list of Helpers is listed below with their brief description:


The Bootstrap 5 Clearfix helper class facilitates clearing and fixing the floated content in an element or container by adding the clearfix utility.

Colored links

Bootstrap 5 Colored links are used to add colors to the link element. To set the colored links, we use the classes of utilities built on our theme colors.


The  Bootstrap 5 Ratios, which can be used to create fixed-ratio containers. These containers maintain a specific aspect ratio, regardless of the size of the screen or the content within them.



Aspect ratios

Aspect ratios simply refer to the proportionality between an element’s height and width.

Custom ratios

Custom ratios allow us to set the aspect ratio using a CSS custom property.

Sass map

Ratios Sass map in Bootstrap 5 is a default list of aspect ratios. You can modify the aspect ratios you want to use.


The Bootstrap 5 Position is used to set an element’s Position, Bootstrap 5 offers a variety of classes.



Fixed top

A Fixed top is used to set the position of the element to the top of the viewport.

Fixed bottom

Fixed bottom is used to set the position of the element to the bottom of the viewport.

Sticky top

Sticky top is used to set the position of the element to the Sticky top of the viewport when the user scrolls down. 

Responsive sticky top

The Position Responsive Sticky Top feature allows adding responsiveness to the webpage.

Visually Hidden

The Bootstrap 5 Visually Hidden is used to visually hide an element so that it does not display on the page while still allowing it to be exposed to assistive technologies.

Stretched link

The Bootstrap 5 Stretched link is used to make any component clickable. Multiple links are not recommended.

Text truncation

The Bootstrap 5 Text Truncation is used to truncate long statements and paragraphs using an ellipsis(three dots).

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