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BNY Mellon Internship Interview Experience for Software Developer | On-Campus 2022

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  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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BNY Mellon visited our campus on 21 Sep 2021 for Summer Internship 2022.

  • Eligibility:  Branch – CSE, IT, E&TC, Instru
  • Criterion: 6.0 CGPA  and above, No dead and live backlogs considered.
  • Pattern: 1 HackerRank coding test + 2 Tech rounds + 1 HR round

 Round 1: HackerRank Coding Test 

4 questions to be done in 90 mins

  • Easy question: similar to picking numbers question of HackerRank
  • Medium question: graph-based – can be done using DFS or BFS
  • Medium question: graph-based – minimum steps by knight problem
  • Hard question: Tree-based – given is a string which represents a tree, find whether is this valid or not according to specified conditions in question, if not valid then return the appropriate error code as given in the question.

Round 2: Tech round 1 

Time: 45 minutes – 10 Students were shortlisted for this round

  • Asked about the internship I have done earlier from Cisco – asked the follow-up questions on the same.
  • Project discussion – tech stack used and implementation.
  • Write a code to remove duplicates from the given linked list on provided HackerRank code pair link.
  • Compiled and interpreted language differences.
  • What is a constructor?
  • Give me an example where you can do constructor overloading
  • What is Exception Handling – what is need for this
  • Explain the flow of the program in the try, catch and finally block
  • What is the purpose of finally block
  • C++ and Python difference
  • Which data structure you would use to design a traffic signal and why?
  • Give me a real-life scenario where you see stack implemented
  • Identify which data structure is used for the following implementations –  1)Memory allocation and deallocation in the compiler – Ans: heap  2)Browser history – Ans: stack
  • What is multithreading in java?
  • ArrayList and Vector difference
  • What is namespace in C++?
  • How much do you know python? Do you know NumPy library?
  • Do you have any questions for me? (I asked one)

Round 3: Tech round 2

Time: 30 minutes  Total 4 students were shortlisted for this round

  • Which question do you feel you could have answered better in Round 1
  • What are threads?
  • About my internship at Cisco – learnings, experience
  • In C, if we write while(true) as a loop, what will happen and why?
  • What is the function pointer in C – where we can use this?
  • Declared array of size 5 and if I try to access 7th location, What will happen?
  • What is a static keyword in java?
  • What is a singleton in java?
  • The project, resume discussion, and follow up questions
  • What is core dump, thread dump?
  • Do you know Apache Tomcat? Have you worked on it? (I used this in one of my projects)
  • What are adaptive and responsive websites?
  • What is JDK, JRE, JVM?
  • HTTP and HTTPS difference
  • What is Big O notation? Do you know any other notations?
  • Which data structure you will use to store different country names such as India, US, UK, and then their respective state names and then respective city names.   Ans – Tree  Why? – As the given data is hierarchical
  • What are GET and POST methods
  • Tell me approach to code the following question
Testcase 1) Input -
Expected output - a*
Testcase 2) Input -
Expected output - p*
  • Do you have any questions for me? (I asked one)

Round 4: HR round 

Time:  45 minutes Total of 2 Students were shortlisted for this round

  • Give a brief summary about yourself, what all things you have done so far – technical, no technical both
  • Java and python difference – which one do you think is better?
  • Why do you prefer to code in Java?
  • What are all projects you have done and implementations?
  • Why did you choose this problem statement as your project, what was your thought process to come with this problem statement specifically?
  • How you tested your project?
  • Tell me about a time when you could not do well in academics and how you tackled this situation.
  • Do you think that doing all these projects was beneficial? If yes then how?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Have been involved in any technical discussion forums – how do you keep yourself updated?
  • Do you want to highlight any point which we missed to discuss which will add value to your candidature?

At the end of my HR interview, I said Thank you, sir, Good day! and he replied, “when you will join the company, at that time don’t call me sir, call me by my name!” This was a very big hint for selection. But still, you can not assume anything until the results are out. So I was desperately waiting for results. After the HR interview, I searched for the person who took my HR round on LinkedIn and came to know that he is vice president. Results were out after 2 hours, and only I was selected!!! I was very happy, and then I also felt bad for the other candidate who was rejected after the HR round 


  • Keep in mind Time matters so much in all the interviews and do not lie for any reason.
  • If not selected then don’t get upset, analyze your mistakes and look forward to the next opportunities!!
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