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Bitwise Interview Experience ( Off-Campus 2019 )

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Round 1: I had applied for Bitwise off-campus recruitment drive in 2019. The first round was Aptitude + SQL ( MCQ Questions ). Questions were quite easy. Cleared the interview easily. I got a call for Group Discussion round the next day.

Round 2: Group discussion round with topics like Love vs Arrange marriage, poverty in India, etc. Cleared Easily. The GD round consisted of 20 students in a group. Just try and stick to the topic and don’t be in a hurry to speak. 

Round 3: Third round was the Technical Coding round. A time slot of 15 minutes was given to write down three codes.

  1. Execute both if and else statements.
  2. Remove adjacent characters from a string.
  3. Sum of a number until a single digit number.

These codes then have to be explained to the technical head as to what logic you have used. They will try to confuse you but you should stay on your point and explain the programs. I received an e-mail after one week for the final round.

Round 4: This round was a Technical+HR round. It started with:

1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Academic Projects and your role in it.

3. SQL all concepts like functions, triggers, cursor, procedures, Indexes (Asked to declare on a paper).

4. Data integrity vs Inconsistency

5. All possible Joins and told me to write a query for the same

6. What is Transitive dependency?

7. What is data warehousing?

8. Swap two numbers without using a third variable ( All possible ways ).

9. All normalization concepts.

10. some more HR related questions.

This round was almost completely on SQL


A week later I received a confirmation e-mail. Yippee…!!! I became a Bitwiser…!!!!

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Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019
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