Wipro Interview Experience (Off-Campus 2019)

Written Test:
in the written test there are 2 sections-
1. Aptitude + Reasoning, in these sections the questions were moderate, They are easy to be solved plus there is no negative marking so you can answer all the questions.
2. Automata, In this section you will be given 2 questions to write the program they are not too hard if even if you are not good at programming, you can write the program in either c, c++, java.
passing the written test is totally based on your combined score of these two sections, So even if you are not able to write the program but you score good at aptitude and reasoning than you might get passed this exam.

Technical Interview:
The Technical Interview is totally based on your resume, Remember “It is you, who drives the interview and not the person sitting in front of you.”
in this round I told him about myself and just after that I told him about my project(because i worked thoroughly in the project, and i was not good in subjects) than he asked me “What i did in my project”, I was prepared for that too so told him. He asked me questions from Data Structures because I mentioned it in my resume.
Questions asked:
1. Difference between Arrays and LinkedList.
2. Malloc and Calloc Functions.
3. Definition of Prime numbers.

HR Interview:
Questions Asked:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Hobbies.
3. Willing to relocate.

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