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bin() in Python

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2018

Converting an decimal to binary is always an important utility that is required in python dev projects and competitive programming as well. Having a shorthand function to achieve this can always be handy in the situations which require the swift conversion of it without writing a long code for same, this is provided by “bin()“. This has been discussed in this article.

Naive Methods to convert decimal to binary

1. Using recursion

# Function to print binary number for the 
# input decimal using recursion
def decimalToBinary(n):
    if n > 1:
        # divide with integral result 
        # (discard remainder) 
    print (n%2,end="")         
# Driver code
if __name__ == '__main__':

Output :


2. Using loop

# Python code to demonstrate naive method
# using loop 
# function returning binary string
def Binary(n):
    binary = ""
    i = 0
    while n > 0 and i<=8:
        s1 = str(int(n%2))
        binary = binary + s1
        n /= 2
        i = i+1
        d = binary[::-1]
    return d
print("The binary representation of 100 (using loops) is : ",end="")


The binary representation of 100 (using loops) is : 001100100

Using bin()

Using bin() reduces the time required to code and also removes the hassle that you may see in the above two mentioned methods.

Syntax : 
Parameters : 
a : an integer to convert
Return Value :
A binary string of an integer or int object.
Exceptions :
Raises TypeError when a float value is sent in arguments.

# Python code to demonstrate working of
# bin()
# function returning binary string
def Binary(n):
    s = bin(n)
    # removing "0b" prefix
    s1 = s[2:]
    return s1
print("The binary representation of 100 (using bin()) is : ",end="")

Output :

The binary representation of 100 (using bin()) is : 1100100

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