Open In App Interview Experience | Set 7 (For Senior Android Developer)

Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2017
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Position : Senior Android Developer

The competency would be Tech Fit (Problem Solving, Data Structures & Algorithm)

First Round:

Telephonic Round:
1. Clone a linked list with next and random pointer

2. You have to design a data structure where you have a list. You need to do 3 operations
1. Insert at position.
2. Get Value from an index.
3. Update all index

All in time complexity O(1).

Hint : I have used count for each index and have extra variable to store value if user call Update all index.
With the help of count you can determine if you have to pick value from index or from extra update variable.

On-site round in banglore

Second round:

1. Question related to project.

2.We have n cards with each card numbered from 1 to n.
All cards are randomly shuffled.
We are allowed only operation MoveCard(n) which moves the card with value n to the top of the pile.
We need to sort the pile of cards with minimum number of MoveCard operations.
The naive approach which i can think of is start with MoveCard(n), MoveCard(n-1), MoveCard(n-2)…. MoveCard(1).
This approach will solve the problem in n MoveCard operations.

Third Round:

1. It was the variation of tree Common Ancestor problem and linked-list Y node problem. I don’t remember exactly
but if you know these two you will be able to answer.

2. Longest Increasing Subsequence

Fourth Round:

1. 100 people are standing in a circle with gun in their hands. 1 kills 2, 3 kills 4, 5 kills 6 and so on
till we are left with only one person. Who will be the last person alive. Write code to implement this efficiently.

2. java circular dependency questions.

3. Some basic questions

4. Write a program with two threads (A and B), where A prints 1 , B prints 2 and so on until 50 is reached.

Thanks GFG


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