Axxela Advisory Services Interview Experience

This company is a startup and came to our campus.

Company had two posting locations 1. Mumbai 2. Kolkata
The job profile was Trainee – Analyst (Fundamental & Technical Analysis of International Market) where we have to simply trade the foreign exchange that is to buy at a low price and sell at higher one.

Around 150 students registered in this company .
Interview Rounds
1. The first round was Aptitude round .
there were 2 sections in first round
First was a time tester where we have to solve 41 normal Aptitude Questions just in 7 minutes and there were no negative marking.
Second section consist of 15 Questions in 15 minutes with negative marking
there were 20 students shortlisted after first Round and I was the one of them.

2. Next round was a group Activity Buying Selling Activity like in GURU movie famed Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai.’
there was a 100 rupee note consist of 6 digits and we have to figure out the total of it.
We have to buy total numbers and sell respectively and after every 2 minute HR will declare a digit so we have to predict the number by using probability and make a profit

3. Last round was a HR round and after that only 1 person was selected for the job

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