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Avaya R&D Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2021
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Overview: Avaya R&D unit of Bangalore visited our campus at the beginning of September, to hire students for the Senior Technical Associate role.

Initially, There was a shortlisting based on CGPA. Around 120 students were selected to attend the online assessment round.

Online Assessment This round was conducted on iMocha platform with 3 sections.

Each section has 30 minutes time.

  1. The first section consists of 30 Aptitude questions which include problems from Set, Speed, Arithmetic, Blood Relation etc.
  2. The second section consists of 2 coding questions.
    • Print the nth number of the Palindrome Series 11,99,1111,1991… In which series has 2 rules:
      • length of number should be even.
      • It should contain only 1 and 9.
    • Find the count of the number of zeroes to be removed from a binary number so as to make it start and end with 1.
      • Eg 1: 00111 – count = 2
      • Eg 2: 0010101000 – count = 5
  3. The third section consists of 40 Technical questions which include a wide range of questions from C++ code snippets, DS, Alogirhtms, OS, DBMS and CN.

Total of 23 students were shortlisted to interview rounds.

Technical Interview: This round was conducted on Avaya Cloud and went around 80 minutes.

  • The round started with my introduction and about my projects.
  • The interviewer was interested in my DBMS project and started asking questions on table design, choice of primary key and connection between tables.
  • Difference between Primary key and Composite key, Different types of Joins were asked.
  • Then shifted our discussion to Python, as I mentioned my primary language as Python.
  • Asked difference between list and tuple, the importance of indentation, about Dynamic typing nature of Python.
  • As the interviewer noticed that I am using Ubuntu, he asked Linux commands for basic operations like move, copy, paste.
  • Then was asked to choose any one model between OSI and TCP/IP and explain it.

I was able to answer all the questions and shortlisted for next round.

Managerial + HR: This round went around 100 minutes and 2 panelists were there. One panelist seems to be the director/some higher position.

  • This round also started with an introduction and discussion about my DBMS project and AI Project.
  • The interviewer asked me to find Sine of an angle without using built-in functions or formulas. As I was clueless, He gave hint by telling me to use Machine Learning to solve the approach.
  • I considered 5 angles and trained the Random Forest model to predict other angles.
  • He wasn’t satisfied with accuracy. Then he told me to do the same with Deep Learning and Neural networks. I did it using Tensorflow and Keras and trained for some epochs and he was satisfied with approach.
  • Second panelist asked to write a program to merge two sorted arrays into a third array and also asked the approach to merge n sorted array.
  • As I specified my hobbies as Current affairs and Astronomy, The interviewer asked me to explain a recent event in those fields.
  • Asked about my family.

This round also went good as I was able to answer all questions. I asked a question about their cloud platform.

Results were announced, only 2 students were selected and I was one among those.


  1. Know in-depth of any one of the programming languages like C++, Java or Python.
  2. Know about each and everything mentioned in the resume thoroughly especially Projects and Internships.
  3. Solve all the important DSA related problems in GeeksforGeeks. It helps you a lot.
  4. Prepare for theory questions on DBMS, OS, CN, and DSA. (Theory learnt from college subjects are enough)

Thank you GeeksforGeeks for its tremendous content which helped me a lot during placements.

All the best 🙂

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