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Ashok Leyland Interview Experience

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I have applied on the career site of Ashok Leyland.  They replied in a few days by sending the mail of availability for the online test and this is the beginning of the process.

ROUND 1(Coding Round): They shared a link to the assessment containing 3 basic coding questions and the time duration was 80 min. The coding  questions were of DSA:

  • Binary Search tree
  • Linked List 
  • Array10 MCQ from DBMS & SQL.

After a few days, I got the interview confirmation mail.

Round 2(Technical Interview ): The interview started with my introduction. After that, she asked me to share my screen and asked some questions Related OS, DBMS, Fundamentals Linux & Mysql command.
I have done and I was quite confident that I would be called further. And after a day I got the mail. 

Round 3 (HR Interview): The interviewer started with some questions like

what do you know about the company, 
Ashok Leyland is famous for.
Then he asked me to share my screen and open MYSQL and Asked me Create A database and fetch it. and I did it.

I got selected for the DATA ANYLATICS ROLE. 

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Last Updated : 23 Mar, 2023
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