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Aricent Interview | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2014
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Round 1: Online Written test(AMCAT).
         1.1 English.
               English was pretty simple. The only hiccups were in the questions asking for the opposite words and meaning of some unsual words like ‘TYPIFY’.
         1.2 Aptitude
         1.3 Logical Reasoning.
               Both Aptitude and Logical reasoning were from most commonly asked questions like time and work and family relation questions.
         1.4 Computer Programming.
         1.5 Computer Science.
               Computer programming were from basic C and C++.
               Computer Science were asked mainly from OS and CN.

Round 2: Technical Interview.

       The TI lasted for about 1.5 hours. The interviewer was quite experienced and was pleasant to talk with. He started off with questions on my project that i had done and had a pretty long discussion for about 15mins, asking me to make changes to my project and optimize it.

       After that he asked a few basic q’s on C and asked a question on SLL to insert a node at the end(simple enough) and asked me what would happen if malloc() function fails and asked me to make some other changes to the program.

       Then he moved onto asking me about Microprocessors which was a weak spot for me. asked about what would be the technical requirements for me to be able to implement a simple microprocessor. Then he asked some qs on EC like Op-Amps.

He went onto OOPS and asked a few questions like overloading,over-riding,virtual functions,inheritance and encapsulation.

Some other questions were pretty logical ones like how would i compare the efficiency of two super computers.

Then there was a long discussion on Computer Networks starting from the basic question of the different layers of OSI model. He then gave me a few practical scenarios where i had to give in my thoughts to implement the solution to some problems based on networks.

Finally he asked me a puzzle to which i believe there was no definite answer. Say your house is at Position X and You’re currently at position Y which is 3 kms away from your home and you have a car and a cycle for you to take home. You have to take both of them anyhow as the place is not a safe place.

constraints: 1. you cannot pull the cycle tied to the car

                  2. You cannot carry the cycle inside the car or anywhere on the car.

                  3. You’re ALL ALONE . Neither you have any mode of communication with others.

Round 3 : HR interview.
       The HR interview was pretty short and just asked questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself not in the CV’ and ‘Why aricent?’ and a few questions on my hobbies. And she asked if i had any questions for her. I asked her 2 questions . And then that was it.

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