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Appscrip Interview Experience (Mohali)

Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2022
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I applied for the job role of Java Developer Jr. At Appscrip Mohali Through the Geeks For Geeks Job Portal. After a few days of Application submission, I got the call from Recruiter’s End. She told me that Your Resume has been shortlisted for the job role of Java Developer Jr. She asked a few questions like my academics, Relocation after selection, Salary expectation, My Technical Expertise area, etc. She narrated all the eligibility criteria for the job role. In the end, she asked When are you available for a telephonic interview.

There were 5 rounds for the selection of this job role.

  • Resume ShortListing
  • Phone Interview: Theoretical Questions related to Java Programming Language:
    • What is Programming Language? What is Java Programming Language?
    • How garbage collector works in java?
    • Questions related to collections
    • Java 8 Features
    • Why Java is considered as Platform Independent language
    • Difference between JD K, J VM, JRE
    • Difference between for and while loop
    • Why Java Does not support Multiple Inheritance?
    • OOP(Object Orient Programming) Concepts
    • Can We Override the main method?
    • What is Abstraction? Use of abstraction in java.
    • What is a string? Different between String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder.
    • Explain trim(),substring(),valueOf(),indexOf()
    • What is Binary Search?
  • Technical Interview(Over MS Teams): This was the technical coding round of the Interview, In my technical interview I had been given 45 Minutes.
    At the start of the interview, Interviewer asked:
    • Tell me something about yourself, Why did you prefer Java over Other Languages?.
    • Explain your final year project.
    • After a mini discussion, The interview told me that He Will give me 7 Coding Questions that I need to solve 6 out of 7 within 45 Minutes.
      • Java Program to calculate the largest and smallest word in a String, String entry Should be from the user’s end.
      • Java Program to count vowels, consonants, spaces, numbers, and special characters in a given alphanumeric string.
      • Why Java does not support multiple inheritances, Explain With a program
      • Java Program to calculate Permutation and Combination of a number entered by the user
      • How garbage Collector works In java Explain with a suitable example
      • Java Program to calculate LCM(Lowest Common Multiple), GCD(Greatest Common Divisor)
      • Java Program to print the elements of an array present on even positions and the element should be an odd number.
  • Managerial(Ms. Teams): It was the discussion with the manager of the company:
    • Tell me Something About Yourself
    • What are you passionate about? What keeps you going during your bad times?
    • From Where did you complete your graduation?
    • Your technical expertise area?
    • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
    • Did you go through about our company, job description.
    • He narrated the tech stack that Appscrip uses, He cleared what would be my job role after joining Appscrip.
    • He told services offered by Appscrip
    • During Lockdown Employees were given WFH for a long period.
    • Benefits I would be getting after Joining Appscrip.
    • Do you have any questions for me?
  • HR (Telephonic Discussion): After 3 days of my technical interview, the Recruiter called me and congratulated me saying you have been selected as Java Developer Jr At Appscrip Mohali. She briefed all the things to me, After a few minutes of the phone call I got an appointment letter in my mailbox instructing all the details like job role, job location, salary .date of reporting, etc.

Result: Selected

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