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Top 10 Applications of Java in Real World

Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2022
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Java is the Queen of programming languages. It beholds the pride of the most preferred programming language by software developers. Java also celebrated its 25th anniversary on 23rd May 2020 and is continuously updating to cope with the latest technological advancements. It is surprising to note that at present around three billion devices use Java for development. Java has an amazing design that incorporates the flexibility to run on any machine. It has been a major component in the development of a plethora of applications and the advancement of major technologies. 


Java has become the most robust programming language because of its amazing features. Some of its features are platform independence, high performance, Object orientation, support for automatic garbage management, and many more. In this blog, we will discuss the Top 10 Applications of Java in the real world in a detailed manner.

  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Web applications
  • Big Data technology
  • Gaming applications
  • Business applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Cloud applications
  • Scientific applications

So let’s get started.

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1. Desktop GUI Applications

Desktop applications can be flawlessly designed using Java. APIs like Swing, Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), and JavaFX provide a modern way to develop GUI applications. The use of java in desktop applications offers some fantastic benefits like ease of learning, visual feedback, simultaneous display of multiple instances, and many more.

2. Mobile Applications

Java is a cross-platform framework that is used to build applications that run across smartphones and other small-screen devices. As per a survey it is observed that Java is the second most widely used language for mobile application development. Mobile applications that are created using Java include some popular ones like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, and many more.

The reason why Java is used to build mobile apps are:

  • Helps to write simple code
  • Cross-platform functioning
  • High compatibility with Kotlin
  • High security

3. Artificial Intelligence

Java is one of the best languages for AI projects. Its infrastructure is well embedded with intelligent software to enhance AI programming. It has amazing features like better interaction with users, ease of debugging, easy-to-code features, standard widget tools, and a lot more. The use of Java just brings perfection to the Artificial Intelligence process.

4. Web Applications

Java is just perfect for developing web applications because of its ability to interact with a large number of systems. It allows us to create dynamic web applications that interact with interfaces. The presence of JSP, web servers, spring, and Hibernate provides feasibility in the web development process. There are several advantages of using Java for web development:

  • Presence of a wide range of APIs
  • Excellent IDEs and tools
  • Reusability of code
  • Enhanced security features

and many more.

5. Big Data Technology

It is a software utility designed to analyze and extract information from complex data structures. It is widely used in other technologies like deep learning, Machine learning, and Artificial learning. Java is a viewpoint of Big data. Java is commonly used in ETL applications like Apatar, Apache Camel, and Apache Kafka which are used to extract complex information. Further use of Java provides distinguished features like automatic garbage selection and stack provision system. All these provide it an edge over other technology and hence Java is widely used in Big Data Technology.

6. Gaming Applications

Java has proved to be the most desirable option for game development because of the presence of a wide variety of open-source frameworks. Popular games like Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, and Asphalt 6 are developed in Java. It supports Dalvik Virtual Machine and jMonkeyEngine which provides an ace in building 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional android games.

7. Business Applications

Java helps us to develop robust applications for business requirements. It can be used to develop from small-scale applications to big enterprise solutions. The language is constantly growing and updating to fulfill the latest business demands. It offers enhanced features like:

  • Flexible integration
  • Powerful performance in the management of big enterprise workload
  • Cross-platform compatibility

And many more. All these amazing features make Java the most suited solution for enterprise development.

8. Embedded Systems

It refers to the combination of small units that combine to perform the collective function for larger systems. Java has proved to be the best solution to address increasing Software complexity. Today a large number of developers use Java in embedded systems. Java has a wide variety of libraries to simplify developers’ lives. These can be simply reused by embedded applications which enhances productivity to great extent. Further, the presence of Object-Oriented Programming makes it easier to develop embedded systems even with minimal experience. All these features of Java make it easier for developers to manage complex systems.

9. Cloud Applications

Cloud Computing refers to the on-demand access to computer resources without direct management by the user. Java has carved its way into cloud applications. It provides a solution for IT infrastructure at an affordable cost. Further, it serves as a platform for creating cloud servers and applications.

10. Scientific Applications

Java has enhanced security features which makes it the best option for the development of scientific applications. It has served as a powerful tool in coding complex mathematical operations. The programs are designed in a highly secure and efficient manner. Some of the most widely used applications like MATLAB use Java as a component of the core system.

Java is present in every field of software development. There are even more applications of Java such as distributed applications, enterprise applications, IoT technology, and many more that are still to be explored. There are a lot of programming languages but Java continues to be the first preference for the majority of developers.

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