AppDynamics Interview Experience

Round 1
Online round consisted of 10 Technical MCQs of Medium Level and 3 coding questions.
2. Number of Regions N Lines Divide Plane (formula based question, search google for explanation)
3. Greedy Problem

9 were shortlisted for interviews.

Round 2

Started with “Tell me about yourself”
2. Check if each level of a binary tree is a palindrome or not (Hint: Level order traversal of tree)
Ended with some questions about projects done in the past.

Round 3

1. Class design question on Tic Tac Toe.
2. How to implement call logs list in mobile phone (Write code and explain data structures used).
3. How is Hash Map implemented?

Even if you get stuck at any question, the interviewers are very friendly and help you to reach to the solution.

Round 4
This round was Tech + HR
1. How to convert decimal to binary (number can be negative too)
2. Difference between C and C++
3. Explain OOPS concepts
4. Explain forms of Normalization
5. Explain OSI Model

1. Family Background
2. Projects in CV
3. Higher Education

All in all points to take care of –

1. Good communication skills
2. Confidence
3. Serious Interest in the Company
4. Decent knowledge of some engineering courses like Databases, Computer Networks, OS and Data Structures

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