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Android Ecosystem

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Android ecosystem refers to the interdependence between the demand and supply of users, equipment makers, and software developers. To become an android developer it is important to understand the android ecosystem and its interdependencies. Android is a mobile OS that is a modified version of the Linux kernel also it is open-source software. Android is specifically designed for touchscreen mobile phones or smartphones.

Android ecosystem is all about the interdependence between android developers(Google), Equipment Manufacturers, and users, as this is an ecosystem one cannot exist without the other. It is created around the google-play-mobile application market place including Orchestrate (Google) customers and applications.

Important Components of the Android Ecosystem


Google developed android and provided a platform for development. It collects user data such as search history and contacts from the google play services to improve app services that encourage content providers and innovators to build and improve applications. Google organizes information globally and makes it accessible.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Manufactures hardware equipment on which android os and android apps work. Equipment makers not only work on mobile devices but also on smartwatches, Smart TV, speakers, Tablets, etc.

Smart Watches

The smartwatch is a wearable device that consists of Bluetooth technology that not only tells time but also can connect or disconnect phone calls, it notifies users of email messages or any other notification of a particular app. Smartwatches also monitor blood pressure, Heart Rate, fall detection, step counting, etc. Some smartwatches also contain GPS technology through which one’s location can be tracked. These watches also contain cameras that enable them to video call and take pictures.

Smart TV

Smart TV or Android TV enables users to stream content on television, install applications from the play store and perform many functions that a computer performs.

Smart Speakers

The best example of a smart speaker is Alexa. It consists of a built-in voice assistant which answers the questions asked by the user and plays songs according to the user’s wish, kids these days use this smart speaker to listen to stories. The more advanced use of smart speakers is to operate home appliances, these days all home appliances are connected to the smart speakers, and appliance work on instructions verbally provided by the user.


An enhanced version of mobile phones and tablets consists of all the features a mobile phone contains but in an enhanced version. Android tablets are usually used for watching Youtube, day-to-schedule organizing, and attending video calls, and always preferred to carry a tablet instead of a laptop because it is lightweight and portable to use.

Application Development companies

Contributes by providing service-based apps to product companies and also provides employment. The role of developers in the Android ecosystem is to develop apps, add additional features to an existing application, fix different types of bugs, and provide user facility to simplify their work in their routine.

Freelance Developers

Candidates having related skill sets individually develops applications and deploy them on Playstore which contributes to the android ecosystem and also sells applications to companies who require certain application with relevant features.

Android User

Android user who purchases the handset and applications are the major contributors to the ecosystem. There are 2.8 billion android users all over the world. Android is less expensive and easy for the user to use. Android allows users to customize their OS as it has an open-source platform. Android provides freedom to the users to choose what application to be installed and how much space to be used an application. 

Android Ecosystem


The android ecosystem is a collection of hardware devices, software applications, and services which is combined together to form an Android operating system. Android ecosystem is one of the rapidly growing mobile operating systems all over the world.

  • Hardware: Android ecosystem is supported by various hardware devices which include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and TVs which are manufactured by companies including Samsung, Google, HTC, LG & Motorola. The strength of the ecosystem is its flexibility, as it is an open-source operating system, which gives freedom to the manufacturers to make changes as per their requirements and provides various range of hardware options for consumers, with different features and price points to satisfy all the needs.
  • Software: Various libraries of software applications that are available through the google play store supports the android ecosystem. Play store offers more than 3 million apps, which are productivity tools or entertainment applications. Android ecosystem has the ability to enable developers to create and distribute their apps on the play store. Ecosystem made this possible due to its open-source nature, which allows developers to create different versions of the operating system which are known as “forks”. Forks are used to create custom app stores which also deploy apps that are not available on the play store.
  • Services: Android ecosystem is supported by various types of services that make the user experience reliable, easy, and attractive. Services such as: 
    • Google Play Services: It is a set of APIs, that provides access to Google Maps, Google Drive, and Google Analytics.
    • Google Assistant: It is a virtual assistant that performs various tasks, such as setting reminders, playing music, and answering questions.
    • Google Pay: It is a mobile payment service that makes payments using an android device.
    • Google Photos: This is a cloud-based storage service that stores organize and share photos.
  • Security: Security is one of the major concerns in the Android Ecosystem. Android provides various security features that include security applications that help to prevent malicious apps from chasing users’ sensitive information. Also,  google provides regular security updates to overcome any identified security vulnerability. As the open-source operating system is much more vulnerable as compared to a closed operating system like iOS.


Though there are challenges associated with the android ecosystem as far as security and fragmentation are concerned it is still one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It is likely that it will play a major role in the mobile industry in the upcoming years.

Last Updated : 19 Mar, 2023
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