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Amazon WoW Internship Interview Experience 2021

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Difficulty Level:  Medium-Hard

Online Assessment 1:

  • Date – 17/08/2021
  • Mettl Platform          
  • Time – 90 minutes  
  • 9 Sections – 41 Questions        
  • 1 Coding questions + 40 Objectives        

MCQ Topics  (5 Questions Each Section)        

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms        
  2. Networking        
  3. Linux        
  4. Pseudocode        
  5. SQL Queries        
  6. Databases        
  7. Software Testing        
  8. Software Engineering        

Online Assessment 2: Date – 25/08/2021

4 Sections        

  1. Code Debugging (6 Code Snippets) – 20 minutes        
  2. Coding Test (2 Coding Questions) – 70 minutes        
  3. Workstyles Assessment – 20 minuntes        
  4. Reasoning Ability (24 Questions) – 35 minutes        

Interview Round: Date – 10/10/2021

Started with the Introduction. Without wasting any second, he came to the coding part        

He asked a coding question-        

  1. Given an array of strings. Print first non-repeating string from the stream of strings in the given array.
    Input -> ["a","b","c","b","a"]        
    Output -> ["a","a","a","a","c"]        

    I gave 3 different approaches        

    Approach 1: Brute Force        

    He asked me to optimize it.        

    Approach 2: I gave the second approach by using a queue and a map.        

    But queue operations needed O(n) time so he asked to optimize it and do it in constant time by using some other linear data structure.        

    Approach 3: I didn’t know the solution prior so I kept thinking about it. After discussing and thinking a lot I came up with a solution.        

    I explained my approach by using a doubly-linked list and a map. Then he asked me to code it down.        

    I gave the whole working code.              

I was finally hired for the Internship at Amazon. I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks which helped me a lot in my preparation.

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Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2022
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