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Amazon SDE 2 Interview Experience

Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2019
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Round 1: Written Round (pen and paper based)

1- Print binary tree in zig zag order

2- Design deck of cards with 52 cards and standard suits, provide capability of shuffling classes using oops principal was expected.

3 – Given an array find max (a[i] – a[j] ) such that

i > j.

Round 2: Problem Solving Round 

1 – Find median of two sorted arrays of same size ( log n solution expected)

2- n building are given their is a cost associated with each building for painting in 3 colours R, G, B, given that no two adjacent buildings can have same color find minimum cost to paint all n buildings ( most optimal space and time complexity expected )


Round 3 – Problem Solving Round 2 :


1 – Given a sorted array of numbers find last occurrence of given number x ( All test case need to be covered)

2- There and n bags with some gold coin, given a number k where k represents number of turns, for each turn we have to pick one bag take half coins and put back remaining in that bag, find maximum number of coins which can be collected after k turns ( max heap based solution, further more optimizations while inserting back coins in heap)


Round 4 – Design Round :

Discussion on my project design only HLD part,

Create HLD and LLD (oops based) of subscription engine ( eg.   where user can subscribe services like Netflix and Amazon prime).

Round 5 – HM Round  :

Deep discussion on my projects

Few leadership principal based questions

Round 6 – Bar Raiser  :

Discussion on why Amazon, why leaving current organization, few other leadership principals,

Design LLD Chess Board Game for 2 players using oops principal

Result : 

Rejected after this round, hr told lld was not good. I made few  mistakes in design rounds.


Tips : 

1 – solve many questions for problem solving, while interview discuss your approach with interviewer they are very friendly and their small hints can lead you to exact solution

2 – prepare well for design rounds, discuss thoroughly everything about your design

3 – Prepare well for  Amazon leadership principals







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