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Amazon Interview | Set 115 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2019
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Hai, recently amazon visited our campus for recruitment. Here is my amazon experience.

1000 people attend round 1
Round 1: (1.30 hrs)
20 MCQ’s + 2 coding question
19 MCQ’s were from os,c++,java and single mcq from probability
Coding questions:
1. Find maximum sum in a array,such that no two elements are adjacent.
For example 3,2,7,10 should return 13, sum of 3 and 10. Handle for negative cases too.
2. Given a binary search tree,print the sum of all nodes that are in same axis (Modification of vertical order traversal)

I attended 12 mcq’s. There was negative marking,so i attended the questions which i was very confident and did both programs.
I was confident that i will clear the round 1.

Round 2: (Group Fly Activity) ( 1 hr)
Around 36 people were shortlisted for second round.
We were divided into many groups and each group was alloted a mentor.
Two questions were given and we have to discuss the approach with mentor and only after getting his approval we have to code.
1. Given a monotonically increasing and then decreasing array with duplicates and a key, return true if key exists in array.
2. Given k sorted arrays of different or equal sizes, merge them into a single sorted array.
Thanks to mentor, he was very cool and helpful, I did both the codes and handled corner cases too.

Round 3: (30-45 min)
18 people were shortlisted for third round and i was one among them.
First the interviewer asked to tell about myself.
Then he asked why i had low cgpa when compared with my school marks.
Then came the first question
1) Given n ropes of different length, combine them into a single rope,such that total cost is minimum. You can tie two ropes at a time,and cost of tying is sum of length of ropes.
First i gave a solution similar to insertion sort in a linked list,he was not satisfied, and then I gave a min heap approach. He asked for time complexity. I got wrong,so he asked what steps u will do and time complexity for each step. He added all the step cost and asked me to arrive at final time complexity.
After this, I got correct.

Then he asked about 2nd code in group fly activity.I used merge sort for it and he asked why i had used merge sort,and asked to improve the code.
Then i gave a min heap solution (:P we discussed after group round). He asked me to code it. I was not good at heaps. I tried my best but unable to arrive at working code
So finally he asked if i had any questions for him. I asked about amazon’s environment.After this i thanked and left.
I was sure that i will be eliminated and i was eliminated.
Only 10 people went to 4th round and 3 people were hired finally.
Here are some mistakes done by me
It was first f2f for me and i was very nervous and had butterflies in stomach, which ultimately decreased my performance.
I was not confident about the answer i gave.
My communication skills were very poor.
So try to avoid the mistakes done by me.

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