Amazon Interview | Set 43 (On-Campus)

Questions asked in Amazon Interview.

Round 2: Written
1. Find the SQRT of a number.

2. Simulate Reversed level order traversal.

Three F2Fs.
F2F 1:
1. Given a binary tree, no two adjacent nodes have same color, but all leaves should be in same color. You can fill only with two colors. Write a function to find whether a given tree can be colored using above scenario.

2. Given a binary tree, change the right pointer of every leaf node to the next leaf node (right to it but may be on different level).

3. Given a class with n people,where each people plays a game with all other people. Results are with you. You have to arrange them in a queue with a condition that, a[i] should have won a[i-1], for all I, you don’t need to care about a[i-2] . (a[i] may win or lose a[i-2]).

F2F 2:
1. Write prime numbers from 1 to 100000.

2. Another simple question from tree. can’t remember 🙁

3. Question from probability. Given c containers, r red balls, g green balls. Give a condition that if a guy randomly pick a ball from any of the containers, it should be red.(more probable)

F2F 3:
1. Reverse a linked list iteratively, recursively.(Ice breaking question :P)

2. Given a matrix with 1s and 0s, u have to construct a matrix such that a[i][j]=1, if only every element in ith row and jth column is 1, otherwise 0. You have to use constant space and O(mn) time complexity.

3. Maze solve problem. Given a matrix with 1s and 0s, 0 represents free path, 1 represents blocked area, and you can move in any of the 8 directions. Find the path from source to destination and print it. Then he told me that he can change destination at run time. And asked me to do for that.

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