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Amazon Interview Questions | Set 147

  • Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2019
Geek Week

Written round:
1- Given a sorted array.Make a balanced binary tree from this array.
2- A row and column wise 2d sorted array is given which only contains 0s and 1s in each row. Find the row which is having maximum number of ones.
3- Find the next greater elements in array.

Face to Face 1
1- Given a row and column wise 2d sorted array. FInd an elements in it.
2- Given a row and column wise 2d sorted array.Find the kth element in this array.
3. Given a tree T1 and T2. Find whether T2 is subtree of T1 or not.If not return -1.

Face to Face 2
1. Given a 2D rectangle.In this rectangle there is some blocked areas which are shown in shaded part.Find the area which is left.Ex-like in this image one unbounded area is T1 and second is T2.You have to find both areas differently and print it. Hint-Take each block as 1*1 and apply dfs for all blocks.

2. A big unsorted array of numbers are given. Each number is big of almost 10bits.How to sort these numbers?
Ans-Counting sort
3- An Adjacency matrix is given which is represented by 2d array.and each field is having cost associated.You are also given source and destination points.Find the maximum cost to reach from source to destination.
Face to Face 3
1. Discussion on work in my current company.
2. What is memory corruption,stack overflow,memory not available.
3. what is difference between multiprocessing and multithreading? Do all threads of one process is having there own code,bss,stack and heap or it is common for all.
4. what is Tail recursion.How tail recursion works.
5. Can we overload a function by only changing its return type?
6. How virtual table works and lots of c++ concepts.

Face to Face 4 (With Manager)
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What is the most challenging condition you have tackled in your life.
3. What you will do if you have conflict with your manager.
4. Guys this question brainf**cked me.The question was based on “20 question game”.I never played this game. This was the actual question-
Given a set of words like Modi,MJ,Obama,Hillary Clinton.We need to create a intelligent computer game so that it will popup minimum questions to find out the answer the player thought. For ex- If give user choices to chose any word from Modi,MJ,Obama,Hillary Clinton.Now computer will show popup from any of the tags.Like if user chose Modi then in this case computer should ask minimum questions to find out what will be the in this case computer only askd “PM” tag and computer will show the popup “Modi”.

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