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Amazon Interview Experiences for Internship (on campus)

Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
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Amazon visited our campus(DAIICT) to recruit interns and FTEs. I’m sharing my internship interview experience.
There were 2 rounds in all – 1 Online Round followed by 1 F2F Interview.
Online Round(90 min ):

There were 24 questions based on Logical Reasoning, 7 questions based on Debugging and 2 questions of coding.
The 2 coding questions were:

  1. Sum of two number which is closest to K but the only condition is the sum of two number must be less than K.If there is more than one answer possible, print any.
    Ex: Array: {2, 1, 4, 9, 2, 3, 8, 3, 4} and k = 18
    Ans: 9, 8
    Ex: Array: {2, 1, 4, 9, 2, 3, 8, 3, 4} and k = 12 
    Ans: 9, 3 or 8, 4 
  2. You are given an array A of size m*n matrix. It contains 1, 0 where 1 means path is allowed and 0 means path is not allowed. One cell contains ‘9’. You have to start with cell (0, 0) and find out whether it is possible to reach at the cell which contains ‘9’.
    Ex: A: {1, 1, 0}
           {9, 1, 0}
           {0, 0, 1}
    Ans : 1
    Ex: A: {0, 1, 0}
           {9, 1, 0}
           {0, 0, 1}
    Ans : 0

Out of around 250 students, 53 were shortlisted for Round 2.

->Doing MCQ (Logical Reasoning) was important. Few students who solved both the coding question but didn’t attempt the MCQs were not selected while some who could solve 80% of 1 question(8/10 test cases) and few MCQs were selected.

Round 2: FTF Interview (Around 90 mins):

    1. The interviewer asked me some HR questions like Why Amazon? , Introduce myself 

    2. Reverse every k node. 

    3. Then he asked me a question on the graph. I told him that I have not prepared for it, but I had a course called design and analysis in my semester 3 so I will try to recall that and try to answer your question. 1) given n cities and every city is connected via m roads. There is no cycle in the graph. Each road between city x and city y has some traffic denoted by weight of the edge. Each city has one stadium. Now suppose in one city, a cricket match is conducted and all other cities’ people come to that city to watch a match. Total traffic denoted by the sum of edges of all city. The task is to find maximum traffic coming to that city at any point in time.

  • Suppose the match is in the city coloured with black. So traffic coming to that is from 3 sides.  one from the group of three cities and traffic will be (9+5+4+2 = 20), second will be from (15 + 6= 21) and third will be(1+4=5). so ans will be max of these and thus ans = 21.

  • When he gave me this question I don’t know the answer but I tried a lot. I gave him around 3 approaches and discussed with the interviewer but he said that my approach is wrong. But then I tried and never give up. Then he gave me the hint to do bfs and then dfs from neighbouring. I got a hint and answered the question and wrote code. Then, he asked me if I had any questions for him.

Out of the 53 selected for the interviews, 13 were finally selected for the internship.

Verdict: Selected.

Tips :

  1. Never lose hope and confidence.
  2. If you don’t know the ans then it’s ok, try to solve that question and never give up and say that sir I can not able to do this.
  3. Try your level best. Discuss with the interview. Interviewer always sees your patients and thinking ability.
  4. And in case of a theoretical question, if you don’t know the ans tell them sorry sir I don’t know the ans rather them giving them wrong ans.

During my preparation geeks for geeks, indeed, was a great help. Almost all the questions asked in the interview were from geeks. A big thank you to other geeks as well for sharing their interview experiences as going through past experiences was the perfect way to end my preparations.

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