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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 406 (Off-Campus Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2019

Round 1:
The first round consists 20 mcqs and 2 coding questions. The MCQ’s are focused mainly on Operating systems, data structures and algorithm analysis and DBMS.

each question consists +1 and -0.25 for the wrong answer 

It started with the self introduction and brief chat about Vizag(interview held in Vizag). He is so friendly and encouraging

  1. Rearrange nodes in the given linked list as follows
        input : a -> b -> c -> d -> e
        output: a -> e -> b -> d -> c

    Solution: Rearrange a given linked list in-place.

  2. Given an array of integers, print pairs(positive value and negative value of the number)  that exists in the array.
    Input : [1, -3, 2, 3, 6, -1]
    Output : [-1,1] 

    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link

this round happened for one hour

This round started with discussion on projects and then questions on technical concepts like

  1. deadlocks
  2. mutex vs semaphores
  3. ultithreading  vs multiprocessing
  4. TCP protocol
  5. DNS
  6. 3-way handshake in TCP
  7. discussion on OSI layer
  8. ACID properties
  9. models in DBMS(ER, network….)
  10. discussion on ER model

Then he started coding part :

  1. Given row wise and column wise 2d matrix, find k minimum element.
  2. Given an array and a window size and window moves from left to right till the rightmost side of window hits the other side of array, print max element in the window for each step in the process.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link

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